Our Company

Who we are

SOFT is a technology consulting firm who has been building and refining critical technology solutions since 1981. We're the people behind the technology that changed the way the world does business.

SOFT delivers superior-quality systems and services at all stages in the project life cycle. Many of the Fortune 500 use SOFT on critical projects in a variety of industry applications, including:

  • on-line banking
  • securities processing
  • credit card authorization
  • customer relationship management
  • telecom service provisioning
  • worldwide logistics systems

SOFT is flexible! We can staff and manage entire projects, or we can supply specialists to supplement your in-house staff, or anything in between. We can work at your site, or at SOFT's New York City facility.



SOFT has a large New York office with a full-time staff:

  • Technical management to oversee and assist on projects, analyze and respond to clients' requests for proposals, and screen new hires.
  • Sales people to maintain contact with clients and respond quickly and appropriately.
  • Recruiters who work continuously to maintain ongoing relationships with technical professionals, so that just the right specialties may be brought on board rapidly as needed.
  • Executive staff who maintain the quality of our offerings at the highest level.

At SOFT, everyone's a winner:

  • Our clients get a superior level of service, top-notch technical expertise, and reliable efficient systems which contribute to the success of their businesses and careers.
  • Our consultants work on important projects for major businesses, are treated with fairness and respect, and build synergistic long-term productive relationships within SOFT.


At the time, no consulting firms offered top-notch technical talent at cost-effective rates...

...steered by people with demonstrated on-time under-budget management skills on complex projects. So SOFT was founded and has been providing its clients with first-rate work ever since.

As SOFT expanded, its original technical offerings grew to include business analysis, project support, ISO and CMM certification, and package application specialties. SOFT's growth and profitability have been continuous since inception, with excellent retention among employees. And among clients!